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Handball Announcements, News & Messages

2018 LAFD Fall Singles


2018 Hall of Fame

On August 4, 2018, Tom and Julia Serrato hosted the Southern California Handball Association Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremony.

Over 150 friends and family members where present to honor John Bike Jr., Jesus Pasos, Marcos Chavez and Kenny Eng.

The evening was emceed by Master of Ceremonies Matt DeWeese and each inductee was introduced with a heartfelt speech from a friend of their choice. Rob Nichols spoke for Kenny Eng, Roy Harvey for Jesus Pasos, Sean Lenning for Marcos Chavez and Chris Watkins for John Bike Jr. Friends and family for each were present and many added words of appreciation.

All of the honorees expressed gratitude for being selected, and a few tears were shed during the acceptance speeches.

Submitted by Roy Harvey

SCHA Mission

After several meetings the SCHA has set out the following plan for 2017;

  1. Increase membership. See below on how to join and who is currently a member.
  2. Improving communications with membership and club contacts
  3. Hosting one day socials
  4. Providing structure to Hall of Fame nominations
  5. Engaging more people and support to event hosts
  6. Increasing support for junior programs and events
  7. Avoiding tournament date conflicts (visit SCHA Tournament Page)

Player Development

Please help us get youth handball programs at your club, Boys and Girls Club, Park and Recreation or Police Athletic League.

Contact Gary Cruz 949-633-2422 if: USHA SCHOOL PROGRAM


2018 Cal Cup

from Tom Martinez...

Please thank co captains Ralph Fregoso, Marcus Hough, and Rob Nichols, and especially Mike Flores from Fresno for organizing courts and hospitality.
From Mike Liinnik and Atanacio Degado...

Fresno-Sept 22nd-

The 2018 Cal Cup of Handball got off to a bumpy start on Saturday September 22. The morning started out a little rough with players showing up a little tardy. It wasn't anything I didn't expect. I showed up at my usual time of an hour before game time to assure that at least I was there to greet players from Southern Cal and Northern Cal. I was greeted by two SoCal players as I walked in the doors of Fit Republic in Fresno Ca. As players trickled in Captain Tom Martinez and I scrambled to get things going and get players on the court. Finally, the ball was rolling. No pun intended. We got our heads together and with the help of pretty much any player that walked by got 9 o'clock matches going at 9:35am. Always behind the 8 Ball when it comes to handball tournaments and scheduling. Hopefully next time the players know that 9am means 8:30am check in time and 9am play starts. We recovered well towards the end. Last matches were scheduled to start at 3pm and it was about 15 minutes late starting. That's actually a victory for everyone. As players came from over the Grapevine to join us for this prestigious event. Some came from as far as North of Sacramento and beyond. So the drive is pretty much equal for all players. That is why Fresno is such a great meeting point for most of these tournaments. We have 8 courts, centrally located, and most people enjoy the hospitality.

The tournament looked as though it would be a repeat of 2016 as the matches got underway. The morning proved to be mostly one sided with SoCal getting a jumpstart on first match wins. I wasn't able to leave the tournament desk until after 2 o'clock so I couldn't see the scoreboard where they were tallying the wins and losses. But from where I sat, it wasn't looking good for NorCal. But when I went to tally the totals I was surprised to see the sheets. NorCal with 19 wins and SoCal with 8 wins. I collected all of the scorecards and double checked to ensure there were no errors. Sure enough, the North redeemed themselves this time around.

I was honored to be a part of the team and to be nominated as Captain. As a young man I had always wanted some kind of involvement in handball like this and it has definitely been fulfilling. A special thank you goes out to Tom Martinez for taking on the responsibility of SoCal Captain. Special thanks to Mike Linnik, Tom Fitzwater and Tom Sove for all the help with getting players to commit and play. A huge thank you goes out to all of the players that traveled to participate in the 2018 California Cup of Handball. See you in 2020. ~ Nacho

The Action:

Men's 35's Singles: Current National Master's Singles champion Chris Tico had a tough match. His opponent was very strong physically, but strength equals weight and Chris ran him successfully the first game. The 2nd found the SoCal player hitting great killshots using very quick wrist shots, and they pushed the match into a tiebreak. Chris found the sidewall alleys and managed to drive his opponent back. Some deft mis-direction also helped Chris score some easy points and grab another win for Norcal.

Men's 35's/40's Singles: San Jose YMCA's Albert Negrete and Miguel Negrete, Gold Medal and Silver Medal winners from the 2018 World Championshiops, showed their championship form by driving the ball hard and keeping their respective opponents (David Ruiz in the 35's and David Lara in the 40's) on their back heels for the matches due to impressive power, and nabbed two more points for Norcal.

Men's 50's Singles: Mike McDonald played like the current National Master's Singles champion against SoCal's Rafa Fregoso. McDonald suited up, shot to kill, showered, changed, and was back up in the gallery 40 minutes later to cheer on Olympic Club's Chris Tico. Efficient, no-nonsense, on time, a Captain's Dream.

Men's 60's Singles: NorCal's Ron Strausbaugh took on the Grand Master Danny Carrillo. In a battle royale, Ron's worked over Danny's offhand (the right), and his strategy was to "keep him deep" and "never let up". Ron "Junkyard Dog" was able to nail this match in two games against the Hall-of-Famer Danny Carrillo.

Men's 65's Singles: World Champion's Mike Barna and Tom Fitzwater took on World Champion Danny Carrillo and Captain Tom Martinez. The last match of the day, but a goodie, as the 2 SoCal players sucked it up to play 2 fresh NorCal players. The first game was a dogfight up till about 13-13, when Martinez used a slow hop to score some quick points agianst Barna, and Carrillo used his hop magic to slip in a few ace serves against Fitzwater to get a first game win. The 2nd game was all Barna/Fitzwater as they "released the Kraken" and pounded the ball around and through the SoCal team to setup a tiebreak. Carrillo/Martinez went up 5-0, to quiet the NorCal gallery of Linda Carrillo and Nancy Fitzwater. But a few nice corner kills by Barna got their mojo back as they once again as they went ceiling, pass shot, then kill. With a few uncharacteristic hand errors by Carrillo, the NorCal jumped ahead. Yet don't count out Tom Martinez .. he located the left corner for a couple of scotch kills that brought the score to 9-9. Barna/Fitzwater kept the pressure on with some precise shots, Martinez took some high-risk shots that fell short, and the match went to Norcal. Mike Barna said "(Danny) Carrillo was very intense, very precise, good shots, good touch. Good hops." Tom Fitzwater closed the match out with his patented "paddle dump" that rolled out in the right corner for the win. "Tom Martinez was really dangerous", Fitzwater remarked, "his kill shots kept them in the game".

Cal Cup Results: NorCal=19 SoCal=8 (NorCal now leads the CalCup wins 3-2). 19 wins for North, 8 wins for South

Thanks to Norcal's NCHA and SoCal's SCHA organizations to continue to run this handball tradition, started in 2010, from an idea floated by USHA's John Nottigham. See everyone in 2020!

2018 Tom Gilbert Commemorative Handball Tournament

To honor the life of Tom, a one-day shootout/social was held at Los Cab on Saturday, September 8, 2018. With the inclusion of players who could not play in the morning an afternoon session was held and that took the total entries to over 100 players. Add in another 100 plus of friends and family, a fitting tribute to the legend of Tom.

Through the gracious donations of Los Cab, Mark Shelgren and all those in attendance, a $1300 donation to the USHA First Ace program in memory of Tom Gilbert was raised.

There was handball starting at 9 am and finishing up at 5 pm. However the highlight of the was the 1:30 pm toast to Tom and auction of a cooler loaded with Coors Light and diet Pepsi. Tom quit drinking in 2001, and explained to Dennis Berger he no longer needed his cooler packed with Coors Light because he now drank Diet Pepsi and couldn't drink as much Pepsi as she could drink Coors Light so he gave the cooler to Dennis. It was auctioned off and in a bidding war between Bob Raya and John Libby Jr., Libby prevailed with a winning bid of $175 that was included in the donation to First Ace.

Owen handball gloves with Tom's image were provided to all players, winners received a wind shirt. There are a few left over that are for sale by the SCHA. Contact Jim VandenBos at (562) 843-2137

Photos courtesy of Arturo Chavez
Video of toast and auction courtesy of Arturo Chavez

John Libby Jr and cooler

2018 Calif State Three Wall Championship and Junior Vasquez

The 3 Wall So. California State Championships in memory of Jr. Vasquez was held July 20 and 21. This year 45 kids of all ages participated in this great event. Most of the kids played little ball. Only the small ones played big ball. Coach Patrick Saito has gone to several and school and started introducing the small ball game to kids. It paid off. Once again the Kid Handball Clinic was sponsored by the WPH, conducted by pros Armondo Ortiz and Braulio Ruiz. The tournament is free for kids and each receives free, gloves (Courtesy of Owen Gloves), tournament, shirt, food, USHA quality headband, and trophies for winners. Kid Divisions were run by Marcus Hough and Patrick Saito. They worked there butts off all day Sun. The final in the Open division was a basically equivalent to 3 wall Nations in Toledo. Finalist were Sean Leaning, Marcos Chaves vs Armondo Ortiz and Braulio "Shorty" Ruiz. These guys don't like to rally. It was serve and shoot the whole game. Each player looking for the opportunity to end the Rally. Both games were close with Marcos and Sean battling back from deficits once to win first game then again but falling a little short. The tie breaker started close. Then Sean and Marcos pulled away winning 11-4.

New this year was the A singles. Marcus Hough conducted a tournament of A players the week before the State Championships and the final was played Sat. at our event. Thanks Marcus.

Special thanks to all our helpers and sponsors. This was the last year for Ryan Nekota as Sunday cook after 15 years. He is moving out of state. Thank and good luck to you.

Worker Bees: Joe Camacho (provides huge tent shade), Jess Lopez, Partick Saito, Marcus Hough, Manny Resendez, Ryan Nekota, Rosa Martinez, Tammy Zamora, Mark Zamora Jr. Jose the cook, and all those of offer to help , Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. ( if you don't see your name it's because i cant spell or I don't know last name) sorry.

On Saturday Tom Serrato assisted by his long time friend Jack Scott cooked, prepared, and donated all the meats for that day and donated more for Sun. Thanks Tom and Jack.

The Money Sponsors are as follows:
  • Tom and Rosa Martinez
  • Mark and Tammy Zamora
  • Mark Shelgren
  • Tom Kopp of Owen Gloves
  • Marc Penick
  • Joe Pacheco
  • Jimmy Mendoza
  • Chris Watkins
  • Terry O'Reillly
  • Harold's Smog Shop
  • Roy Harvey
  • Tavo Martinez
  • Danny Carillo
  • Stephanie Hathaway
  • Larry Borunda
  • Jimmy Rameriz


    2017 Turkey Burner

    On Saturday, November 25, 2017, LAFD Handball and West Coast Handball hosted the annual Turkey Burner Handball Tournament at the beautiful Claremont Club. Thirty teams competed in 4 Divisions designated, Caliente, Hot, Warm and Mild in a round robin format. All profits from this tournament were divided between LAFD Handball and USHA, First Ace to support youth handball programs.
    Generous sponsors where Owen Gloves, Southern California Handball Association, West Coast Handball, USHA and LAFD Handball. All winners received embroidered hoodies and Owen Gloves, and all second placed teams received gloves.
    Caliente champions were John Wayne Cortez and Sergio Guzman, with Dylan Hernandez and Christian Luna finishing second.
    Hot champions were Larry Borunda and Ishmael Meneses, with Ralph Fregoso and Caesar Carlos finishing second.
    Warm champions were Roger Rivera and Ernie Moreno, with Paul Rodelo and Rick Aguirre finishing second. Sergio Guzman
    Mild champions were Richard Garcia and Sam Cruz, with Edward Martinez and Ricky Martinez finishing second.
    Special thanks to Dennis Berger (Claremont Club Member) for making the connection and to Scott Brotzmann (Claremont Club Member) for helping Mark Zamora and Roy Harvey administer the event!

    John Cortez, Sergio Guzman

    Ralph Fregoso, Ishmael Meneses, Larry Borunda

    Roger Rivera, Ernie Moreno, Paul Rodelo, Rick Aguirre

    Richard Garcia, Sam Cruz, Edward Martinez, Ricky Martinez

    Tom Gilbert Birthday Bash

    The Tom Gilbert Birthday Bash at Los Caballeros was a tremendous success! Held near the birthday of the late Tom Gilbert, the second annual event enjoyed another good turnout which honored the Kendler Award recipient. Southern California's juniors programs along with Santa Barbara's TGOP made the trip to Los Cab and played throughout the weekend.

    Complete Results

    Jacob Rodriquez, Luis Mendez

    Pete Trejo, Jesse Lopez

    Andrew Gutierrez, Brian Haynes

    Mark Zamora, Victor Aguila

    Larry Fisher, Matt DeWeese

    John Modeer, Rob Nichols

    LAFD 3 Wall 911 Memorial


    LAFD Handball held the Annual 911Memorial 3-Wall Handball Tournament at Venice Beach on September 9, 2017, with 31 teams competing in the “Open”, “A ‘, “B”, and “C” Divisions. Everyone enjoyed a day of fun, sun and camaraderie. Mark “Rapper” Zamora supported the Tournament by cooking lunch for all of the participants. He brought his taco grill and prepared chicken and beef tacos, which were a big hit.

    Along with the great Handball, a donation box was available to support the victims of hurricane Irma. $239 was donated by players and LAFD Handball matched the donations to bring the total to $478 for relief. This tournament was supported by Far West Meats, Southern California Handball, United States Handball Association, BAMKO, LA City Department of Rec and Parks, Los Angeles City Employee’s Club, and United Firefighter’s of Los Angeles, Local 112.

    Congratulations to all of the Winners: Open Division – Adrian Ortiz and Jose Hernandez defeated Freddy Reyes and Eli Barajas. “A” Division – George Mayoral and Freddy Reyes (UFLAC) defeated Lucio Barrera and Sam Cruz. “B” Division – George Saenz and Rio Martinez defeated Richard Garcia and Baltimore Bunuan. “C” Division – Jose Rodriguez and Jose Hernandez. All winners received backpacks with the tournament details embroidered.

    by Roy Harvey





    2017 Jr Vasquez

    The Southern California 3 wall state championships in memory of Jr. Vasquez concluded July 30. The open winners were Marcos Chavez and Samson ( Totoy ) Hernandez over legendary Vince Munoz and Eddie Silverya. Marcos played incredible, shooting from almost any position and Samson scooped up almost any ball that was not a dead kill. The first game was close but the second game was dominated by the champions. Samson has taken second place twice, he said "I finally won one". Eddie and Vince were not discouraged though, Eddie and Vince said they "want revenge next year".

    In the A's Bob Nicholas and Luis Gaytan Jr. of San Diego played several great LA teams but had enough juice to pull it off.

    We had 60 kids, the most ever. Almost too many to handle. Patrick Saito handled all kid part of tournament, all day, with help from Marcus Hough, and Mike Kogan. Partick also received the Handball Gentleman award for is unselfish hard work. Congratulations Patrick! Kids all received a free pair of gloves from Owen Gloves, a good quality head ball purchased from USHA , a tournament shirt, free food all day, and the WPH again sponsored a kid handball clinic led by pros Braulio Ruiz and Abraham Montijo.

    The atmosphere was electric Sat and Sun. It's like a family handball reunion. Everyone had a great time. I'd like to thank the following people who helped put on this affair. Rosa Martinez, Tammy Zamora, Joe Camacho, Jess Lopez, Patrick Saito, Marcus Hough, Mike Kogan, Jose Quintana, Ryan Nekota, Pollo, Peter, Tom, Joe Guerrero, and James Coronado.

    This tournament cannot survive without financial donations. These are the people who so graciously and generously give support this event. I hope i don't forget anyone. Tom Martinez, Mark Zamora, Mark Shelgren, Marc Penick, Jimmy Mendoza, Bo Kennelly, Ben Lee, Joe Pacheco, Larry Borunda, Jimmy Ramirez, Tom Serrato, Rex Melton, Stephanie Hathaway, Terry O'Reilly, Danny Carrillo, Roy Harvey, John Libby Sr, Chris Watkins, Harold Smog Shop, SCHA, Jack Barham, and Greg Stansbury.

    Tom Martinez

    2017 USHA 3W Juniors-Venice Beach, July 20-23

    17 Results

    17 USHA 4W Nationals-Los Cab, June 22-July 2

    2017 Results

    2016 Turkey Burner

    It was the largest turnout ever this year. There were 72 players players in the four divisions and another 12 juniors played in a another division just for them.

    Players getting the briefing.

    Caliente-John Wayne Cortez and Eddie Chappa d. Juan Flores and Al Alvarez

    Hot-Willie Rivera and Colin Smith d. George Mayoral and Sergio Diaz

    Warm-George Saenz and Richard Garcia d. Christian Solis and Marco Coromac

    Mild-John Libby Sr and Robert Singer 1st place

    Tom Gilbert Birthday Bash

    September 17-18, 2016. Los Caballeros, Fountain Valley Complete Results

    2016 Junior Vasquez

    The Southern California 3 wall state championships was another great event. This was the 13th time the tournament was held. We had great weather for this outdoor event. A total of 105 players took to the courts including 32 juniors. $2750 was handed out for prize monies to all divisions. Beautiful trophies and shirts were also given as part of entry. Also, the directors were able to sponsor 13 juniors to the USHA Junior Nationals at Venice Beach next weekend.

    In one of the semi finals the legendary great Vince Munoz and Carlos Chavez were one point from sending their match to tie breaker when Munoz tried to fly a left handed kill tightly along the left wall that just fell short. Marcos Chavez and Vic Perez quickly capitalized on serve to close out the match. In the other semi newcomers to little ball, and Big Ball pros Juan Santos and Alfredo Morales displayed the potential to become great little ball players with a little more experience. They gave a great effort but lost to long time little ballers Armondo Ortiz and Braulio Ruiz . The second game of the final went down to the wire. Marcos strained his right hamstring in the semi, but had enough to finish that one. Still hurting during game one of final, they lost the first game. But Marcos and Vic seem to warm up and started to make a match out of the second game. Slowly they tallied points to tie the score at 18 than 20. With the Armondo and Braulio serving second serve Marcos hit a pass shot with all players up front. The ball crossed Marcos on its flight out and the ref call it over thinking that maybe Armondo had a chance to retrieve. The final point was made on the replay and that was that.

    There was plenty of home made food, fruits, and cold drinks.

    The WPH sponsored a junior clinic Sunday morning. Professional players Armondo Ortiz and Braulio Ruiz gave instructions to kids.

    We'd like to thank all the sponsors and companies that donated to this event. They are as follows, (Sorry if i forget someone).

    Results Worker Bees: Roas Martinez, Tom Martinez, Mark Zamora, Tammy Zamora, Jose the cook, Manny Resendez , Crystal Zamora, Mark Zamora jr, Tom Serrato, Jack Scott, Patrick Saito , Larry Borunda, Robert Camacho, Mike Kogan, and the others who see us working and ask," can we help"

    2016 Wafe Risner/LAAC Open


    rick zuber, mike kogan, tom smock, david gaboury

    marcos chavez, ralph fregoso, juan zaragoza, vince munoz

    sean lenning, marcos chavez, armondo ortiz, vic perez

    jim ramirez, tom martinez, marcos chavez, joe castro, roy harvey

    2015 Turkey Burner

    This year 68 players competed in the LAFD/USHA Turkey Burner. It was round robin pool play with four divisions. It was completed in 4 hours. All proceeds go towards youth handball in SoCal and First Ace. Hospitality prepared by Andy Scarpellino.

    2015 Legends

    The 6th annual Legends tournament was held November 13 - 14, at the Martinez Handball Club. Thanks to all that participated and to those who helped make this a special event.

    Thanks to Octavio Martinez for the ribs and chili con carne, Manuel Resendez for cases of water, Mark Zamora for fish, Jimmy Ramirez for gatorade and especially my wife Rosa Martinez for everything else.

    In the finals Tom Martinez / Carlos Chavez def. Mark Zamora / Jimmy Ramirez in a tie breaker

    2015 SCHA Hall of Fame Tournament

  • Div 1-John Robles/Josh Robles
  • Div 2-Greg Sizemore/Jerry Jarrett
  • Div 3-Mike Stanley/Jamie Mugridge
  • Div 4-Rex Melton/Candy Ortega

    2015 Wafe Risner

    In memory of Wafe Risner the tournament featured three doubles divisions.

    Gen 3 total years exceeded 120 years with most partner teams separated by 20 years of age differential. Four teams played round robin 1 game to 21 point points against each other team.

    Jesse Pasos and Mike Merman

    Gen 2 total years exceeded 80 years also mostly separated by 20 years of age differential. Eight teams formed two pools with winners of each pool playing in the championship.

    Jerry Fregoso and George 'peanut' Lopez

    Gen 1 total years exceeded 100 years, mostly separated by 20 years and included open level play. Eight teams formed two pools with winners of each pool playing in the championship.

    VJoe Pacheco and Vic Perez

    All play was completed in one day.

    Thanks to LAAC Handball Committee, Greg Ramirez and LAAC Athletic Director Marlene Wiscovich.

    2014 Pacific Coast Invitational Championship (PCIC)

    Directors Tom Gilbert and Jim VandenBos successfully put together another great tournament and were able to hold the cost down to make it affordable for everyone. Most of the matches were completed on Saturday with only two finals held on Sunday.


    2013 Turkey Burner Handball Tournament and Fundraiser

    On Saturday, November 30, 2013, LAFD Handball and the USHA combined to host the annual Turkey Burner doubles handball tournament and fundraiser at Los Caballeros, in Fountain Valley. Owen Gloves sponsored gloves for the champions and finalists in each of the 4 divisions. All players were provided dri-fit shirts, and winners received a hoodie with the tournament logo.

    32 teams participated in the tournament, which was divided into 4 divisions: “Caliente”, “Hot”, “Warm” and “Mild”.

    CALIENTE; Samzon Hernandez and Sal Duenas were defeated by Armando Ortiz and Mark Zamora in the “Caliente Division”

    HOT; Roy Harvey and Chris Yokoyama defeated Ryan Carlos and Joe Steiner

    WARM; Branden Ramirez and Salvador Castillon defeated Tracy Davis and Chad Rolish

    MILD; Jamie Mugridge and Steven Lopez defeated Christian Solis and Marco Coromac


    Saturday, Sept 21 at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

    Thirty Six players showed up for the scramble in the afternoon, and when it was over, Andy Gutierrez and Les Halberg were undefeated winning gift certificates for the Cheesecake Factory. Boak Ferris and Danny Carrillo tied for second and received Panera Bread gift cards.

    The banquet was a great success with approximately 120 guests, including 14 Hall of Famers. Everyone enjoyed a fantastic Italian buffet.

    Matt DeWeese in his customary tuxedo did a great job emceeing the event with only mildly off-color jokes.

    Tom and dad Mike Serrato were inducted by Jack Scott and Naty Alvarado, respectively, as contributors. Far West Meats has been generously providing handball with great food for over 40 years.

    Steve Housman was inducted as a player by Mike Kogan, Ira Goldberg and Bob Housman for his numerous wins in the Master Divisions. Steve attributed his success to going to a lot of obscure tournaments.

    Tati Silveyra was also inducted as a player by Paul Godina and Tony Huante. As most of us know, Tati was one of the best and he was very thankful to Tony for his handball beginnings. Tony also presented Tati with his first National trophy that Tati had given Tony years earlier.

    Thanks to Ron Cole and Rick Christian for coming from out of town for the event.

    Thanks again to Gary Cruz for his help with this event, and to Tom Gilbert who I constantly bounce ideas off.

    Hall of Fame T-shirts are available for $10.. We will let you know when pictures from the event are available.

    If you have nominations for next years event, please submit their qualifications to me.

    Larry Fisher

    LAFD Invite Champions

    AS-Dylan Hernandez

    BS-Ryan Chance

    40S-Gollo Tellez

    50S-Jesse Luna

    OD-Victor Perez/Bryer Bidegain

    AD- Roy Harvey/Chris Yokoyama

    BD- Aaron Geoghegan/Colm Kearney

    40D-Paul Rodelo/Tommy Valenzuela

    50D-Paul Cajaio/Curtis Irwin

    60D-Boak Ferris/Curtis Irwin

    65D-Bob Raya/Rodger Gedvig

    2013 LAFD Spring Doubles

    2365- Eddie Marez & Don Paone "Masters" Champions

    2379- Tim Aguayo & Tony Arnado "C" Masters Champion

    2372- Joe Steiner & Ryan Carlos "A" Champions

    2376- Kevin Schilling & Chris Tavera "B" Champions

    2370- Marcus Meza & Rob Robbins "C" Champions

    2363- Gavin Yanagisawa & Adin Waldrep "D" Champions

    Wafe Risner Results

    Photos at USHA Southern Cal Region Facebook Page

    Venice Beach St Patricks Day Small Ball

    Photos by Alex Thompson

    Baby Doll/USHA Regionals

    Team Fregoso put on a great event May 4-5 at Tournament House. Ralph, Jerry and Eddie have been playing in tournaments for years and they obviously have been taking notes. Congratulations and welcome to the tournament directors world! They are pictured below with the owner of Tournament House and handball supporter Robin Dixon.

    West Coast Juniors

    Dear SCHA members

    Thank you for your generous contribution of $100.00 for our Junior tournament held 16-17 March at Washington Irving Middle School.

    Over 100 junior handball players participated. There was no entry free. Players and their families were treated to lunch. All players received gloves and tee shirts. Winners got back packs.

    It was an extremely successful event.

    West Coast Handball

    LAFD Fall Singles Results

    "A" Division: John Libby Jr defeated Chris Yokoyama

    "B" Division: Alex Garcia defeated Trevor Insley

    "C" Division: Brett Klemme defeated Ryan Chance

    "D" Division: Travis Folmer defeated Nestor Rodriguez

    Masters Division: John Libby Jr. defeated Paul Croghan

    Golden Masters: Jesus Pasos defeated Gary Maga

    "C" Masters: Jim Como defeated Abraham Carretto

    LAAC Invitational

    The 2012 Los Angeles Athletic Club Invitational event was held on Saturday, December 1. Twenty eight players competed in round robin play changing partners in each of 4 rounds of play. There were four divisions play.

    The winners were:

    Thanks to the staff and management of the club and the administration of the handball committee the event came off smoothly and members and guests were treated to a full day of handball and hospitality.

    Turkey Burner Report

    On Saturday, November 24, 2012, the USHA and Los Angeles Fire Department hosted the annual Turkey Burner Handball Tournament at Los Caballeros. Owen Gloves, Southern California Handball Association, and BK Just4U sponsored the event, which each player got a shirt, lunch and unlimited refreshments. Winners were awarded letterman-jacket styled sweatshirts and Owen Gloves, and finalists received Owen Gloves.

    Victor Perez and Christian Luna defeated Carlos Chavez and Vince Gonzales Jr. in the Caliente Division. Chris Yokoyama and Curtis Irwin defeated Fausto Castro and Marques Toledo in the “Other Hot Division”. Larry “El Presidente” Fisher and Mark Shelgren defeated Jesus Pasos and Dan Jones in the Hot Division. Jesus Castillo and Ruben Lopez defeated Tony Bautista and Mike Bowers in the Mild Division.

    LAFD has donated all proceeds to Marco Coromac’s Lacer After School Handball Program and the US Handball “Wafe Risner Fund” that will support players attending the 2013 Collegiates at Arizona State University in February.

    Roy Harvey.

    Vic Perez, Christian Luna, Vince Gonzales Jr, Carlos Chavez

    Larry Fisher, Mark Shelgren, Jesus Pasos, Dan Jones

    Chris Yokoyama, Curtis Irwin, Marcos Toledo, Curtis Irwin

    Jesus Castillo, Ruben Lopez, Tony Bautista, Mike Bowers

    2012 Simple Green US Open/Naty Alvarado Classic

    Ryan Chance and Coleman McGrath Complete Results

    2012 SoCal Hall of Fame

    There were 115 in attendance at Los Caballeros to celebrate the inductions of Marc Penick, Dick Pohlmann and Vince Munoz into the SCHA Hall of Fame.
    Marc Penick

    Dick Pohlmann

    Vince Munoz

    Open Division-Armando Ortiz and Victor Perez

    A Division=Roy Harvey and Chris Yokoyama

    B Division=Marco Coromac and Sergio Guzman

    C Division=Erik Egan and Miguel Munoz

    Photos by Roy Harvey


    On Saturday, September 8, 2012, 70 players from USHA and the Los Angeles Fire Department with family and friends gathered at Venice Beach for the LAFD 3-Wall Invitational. This tournament honors the 343 FDNY Firefighters who gave their lives on September 11, 2001. The tournament shirt featured a memorial for FDNY. Steve Carbahal and Greg Ramirez defeated Victor Perez and Jerry Puga in the “Open Div.” final. Darryl Arbuthnott and Mario Rueda defeated Oscar “Tree” Amaya and Johnnie Flores in the “A” Division. Joe “Pro” Pacheco and Jessie “Spider” Lopez defeated Tom Gilbert and Dave Ramsey in the “B” Division. Christian Gassler and Ronnie Hernandez defeated Brandon Prince and Jorge Espinoza in the “C” Division. West Coast Handball, United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, Bamco, and the City Employees Club sponsored the event. Participants received shirts, shorts, hats and a souvenir water bottle. All finalists and champions received embroidered backpacks.

    By Roy Harvey

    Open Division

    'A' Division

    'B' Division

    'C' Division

    The Southern California 3 Wall Small Ball State Championships Results

    The Southern California 3 Wall Small Ball State Championships, in memory of Jr. Vasquez, finished up July 15. As usual the open final went to 11/10 tie breaker with Armondo Ortiz and Chip Morales surviving a strong comback from big ballers Samson Hernandez ( Totoy) and Sal Duenas. All divisions were competive and this years first 50 division was won, by Luis Vega and Chava. Radio station KROQ was there on Saturday playing music for the audience. The food was outstanding all weekend, including a taco man with free food for everyone on Sunday. Forty kids played and recieved free gloves, USHA headbands, LA Dodger wristbands, a tournament shirt and a LA Dodger shirt. There was a great family atmosphere all weekend long.

    Thanks again to all those that support this tournament. There are just too many people to thank. Last year I thanked the money contributors, without them we could not do what we do. Please excuse me this year so I can thank those who help with the labor.

    First my wife, Rosie, who starts on Thursday shopping and preparing food, and working all weekend, choping fruit, cooking, serving, organizing and managing the food area. Mark Zamora's wife,Tammy, worked a full day Friday and still made 40 pounds of potato salad for the tournament. She is also there serving cleaning and helping control the food area. Ryan Nekota comes every year and cooks all day on Saturday and Sunday, in the sun without making a fuss. Anytime we need help loading, sweeping, refing, chasing balls, making Gatorade, painting the courts, whatever, Jess Lopez is the man. Manny Resendez picks up trash, collects tickets, shags, he is always looking for a way to help. Besides helping us run the tournament Mike Kogan singlehandedly runs the kids portion of the tournament every year. Taking his own time and money Gerado Garcia personally hand carried 12 cases of Arrowhead water to the tournament. Robert Camacho picks up and sets up the huge shade tent we have every year. He also provides tables and chairs. Then he has to take and unload the stuff on Monday. The Ruiz family (Mom) makes large tray of chili con carne every year. Larry Borunda helps design and order the shirts, provide barbeque equipment and help with whatever is needed. These people and others help without being begged to help, they see what's needs to be done and just do it.

    I am sure I forgot someone (I do every year). Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts....Tom Martinez, Tournament Director.

    Local Results from Nationals

    On behalf of the SCHA, I would like to congratulate all the Southern California players to win National titles last week. This was a dominating performance! Complete Results

    A special hats off to John Robles on attaining Grand Master status.(10 national titles)


    Larry Fisher
    SCHA President

    LAFD Spring Doubles Results

    The finals of the 2012 LAFD Spring Doubles Handball Tournament was held at the Los Angeles Athletic Club on May 24, 2012. Over 154 players participated in the tournament, with 19 players playing in two divisions. Awards were given in "A", "B", "C" and "D" Divisions along with "A", "B" and "C" Masters Divisions. Preliminary games were played in Fire Stations, starting April 1, 2012 with finals in all Seven Divisions on May 24th...submitted by Commissioner Roy Harvey

    "A" Division: Maga & Silveyra def. Paone & Marez

    "B" Division: Insley & Glynn def. Escobar & Borboa

    "C" Division: Rolish & Steiner def. Tsujimura & Arnado

    "D" Division: Rosenwald & Garcia def. Jones & Escalante

    "A" Masters Division: Pasos & Rueda def. Nielsen & Egizi

    "B" Masters Division: Maga & Caijao def. Lima & Smith

    "C" Masters Division: Arnado & Tsujimura def. Magalona & Tomlin

    Roadrunner Results

    Though unable to attend due to back surgery, Milt Joffee was instrumental in bringing back the Roadrunner tournament. He and Gary Cruz worked with the owner of the Palm Desert AC, (Ernie Foli) to hold a one day round robin tournament that featured round robin play. Also John Robles was hand for two instructional round table discussions.

    All players were pleased to be able to complete the event in one day, socialize with players from other areas and learn some tips from Vern Roberts and John Robles.

    Roadrunner Division-Joe Steiner/Chris Yokoyama

    Coyote Division-Jon Patterson/Curtis Irwin (with Ernie Foli in the middle)

    Foxes Division-Matt DeWeese/Steve Pool (with Gary Cruz in the middle)

    Big Horn Sheep Division-Greg Stansbury/Rob Nichols

    SoCal Regionals/Baby Doll Tournament Results

    March 24-25, 2012, the top doubles teams from the Inland Empire competed in the 2nd Annual Bill Doles Baby Doll Tournament in Riverside, CA. Players and fans were treated to some of the best hospitality around, along with spectating high quality handball. Top qualifying pros entered the open division for a chance to win the title plus cash. In the end, Marcos Chavez/Chip Morales took down Vic Perez/Greg Tomasyan in two games in a thrilling Sunday afternoon final. On the open big ball side, Marcos Chavez completed the slam with Sal Duenas defeating Daniel Cervantes and Benja Hernandez in a tie breaker.

    Results from the amateur divisions include: Eli Barajas/Jorge Lopez defeated Jimmy Ramirez/Manny Resendez in the A division. The Arem father/son duo defeated Ashley Moler/Ralph Fregoso in the B division. In the C division, Pete Trejo/Candy man def. Bill Doles/Jim Craig. In the 50s, Matt DeWeese/Steve Pool def. Mark Zamora/Andy Gastelaum. In the 60s, Octavio Martinez/Rob Nichols def. Danny Carrillo/Ken Eng.

    This tournament would not be possible without the generous contributions by the two main financial contributors Bill Doles and Jim Crews. Further thanks to Mark Shelgren and Tom Serrato for contributing, as well. Also, thank you to the Far West Meat Co for providing the chicken and links for the Sunday afternoon barbeque and to Marcos Chavez for providing free Owen gloves for all the junior players. Finally, thanks to tournament directors Tom Martinez and Mark Zamora for hosting another wonderful event.

    Red, Mark Zamora, Matt DeWeese, Steve Pool

    Rob Nichols, Octavio Martinez, Tom Martinez, Danny Carrillo, Ken Eng.

    Zach Arem, Ashley Moler, Ralph Fregoso, Jon Arem

    Bill Doles, Jim Craig, Pete Trejo, Candy

    Marco Coromac and Mike Kogan with junior players


    The Cal Cup challenge saw the home court advantage in full bloom again this year as SO CAL hosted at the Classy Los Angeles Athletic Club and defeated NOR CAL by a 16 - 3 margin. In 2010 it was the north that prevailed 13 - 7.

    Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food, which the club did a exceptional job with, the tap beer, and other goodies, and the renewing of old friendships.

    We'll do it again in 2014 in San Francisco.

    Many thanks to Tom Martinez, Marcos Chavez, Gary Cruz, Marlene Wiscovitch, Rob Nichols, Tom Fitzwater, Mike Linnik, and John Nottingham.

    John Nottingham

    LAAC/Wafe Risner Tournament

    A capacity turnout for a tournament that only could have been better had Wafe been able to be present. The good news is the family was was present for the cutting of the ribbon dedicating the Wafe Risner Court and the unveiling of the perpetual Wafe Risner Trophy.

    Congratulations to Armando Ortiz Jr. for being the first name placed on the trophy!

    Thank you to Marlene Wiscovich and the LAAC Handball Committee for putting on a great show.

    "Open" Singles Division- Armando Ortiz Jr (holding the Risner Cup) def. Marcos Chavez

    "B" Singles Divsion-Christian Luna def. Oscar Amaya

    "35+" Division- John Robles/Chris Watkins def. Octavio Silveyra/Greg Tomasyan

    "50+ Division- Rex Vilaubi/Joe Castro def. Greg Sizemore/Mark Shelgren

    "60+" Division- Rob Nichols/Octavio Martinez def def. Danny Carrillo/Ira Goldberg

    Complete Results

    LAFD Fall Singles Results

    "A" Division- John Libby def. Ryan Carlos

    "B" Division- Jon Stevens def. Juan Marez

    "C" Division- Trevor Insley def. Jason Moore

    "D" Division- Tony Arnado def. Tyler Tomich

    "B Masters" Division- Colin Smith def. Mike Rhodes

    "Masters" Division- John Libby def. Paul Croghan

    "Golden Masters" Division- Jesse Pasos def. Joe Castro

    2011 Turkey Burner Results

    The 3rd Annual Turkey Burner Handball Tournament at Los Caballeros was a great success. On November 26, 2011 64 players played in a 1 day tournament to raise funds for youth handball. Most teams consisted of a Firefighter from the Los Angeles Fire Department and a civilian player from Southern California. Armando Ortiz, Carlos Chavez, Eddie Chappa, and Tracy Davis headlined the event, which proved to be a fun day for all involved. Los Caballeros provided the beautiful facility, and sponsored the keg of beer, Owen Gloves sponsored gloves for all winners and finalists, and winners received hooded sweatshirts with the distinguished handball turkey design.
    by Roy Harvey

    Los Cab Takes League

    League members and guests were treated to some open handball play before and after the league finals as well as joining in on the hospitality supplied by West Coast Handball.

    Los Cab faced LaFitness-Norco at Los Cab on Saturday, November 19. Los Cab won Open, B and Masters and LA Fitness won Golden Masters.

    Station 92 on Top of LAFD Ladder

    There are approximately 40 Fire Stations with Handball Courts. A player from a Station without a court may join with a nearby Station for the challenge. The challenge started in May 2011 when the Trophy was built by Engineer Brent Reudy at Fire Station 58. Fire Station 26 defeated them in July and took the Trophy. Fire Station 92 challenged them and won the Trophy in October. All challenge matches must be played at the Trophy holders home court. The top station keeps the Trophy until they lose it. The challenging team must win 3 out of 5 matches. Trophy holder decides on two singles and three doubles or vice versa. The ladder on the left side of the Trophy has the top 20 department players. Any player may challenge players 16-20 on the ladder. Players on the ladder may challenge within 5 rungs for Department ranking.

    Fire Station 92 is now the top Handball House on the Los Angeles Fire Department. Stations may challenge trophy holder, to a best 3 match out of 5 format. The trophy holder decides if it is 3 singles and 2 doubles or vice versa.

    2011 Legends tournament #2 at the Martinez Handball Club

    Goyo Tellez, Danny Carrillo, Tom Martinez, Mark Zamora, Red Gastellum

    Danny Carillo wins again with new partner, Gollo Tellez who is a legendary big ball player and trying his hand at indoor little ball. He helped Carillo beat Mark Zamora and Andy Gastelum in the final. Hospitality was super, great food, and great fun. 10 teams participanted in the event.

    Carrillo suplied menudo Sunday morning, and on Saturday morning Mike Kogan provided tamales.

    Most players stayed to see Pacquio get beat up by Marquez.


    Over the last weekend of October, the Kauai Handball Association hosted its fourth annual Hana Hou Handball Makahiki at the Kauai Athletic Club courts. There were about seventy players from fifteen to seventy-nine years old. Both male and female players participated in some singles and doubles events in the Open/A; B/C; 60’s; 70; and white ace.

    Coach Shigeru Nobeta brought six men and three women players from Japan---notably 6-foot 2-inch Masakazu Uchida and his 5-foot wife, Yuko. Dave, Donna, and Nick Mosely again provided some tough competition from Denver, Colorado. Not to be outshined, the Moranz family from Kauai had Uncle Joe and cousins Joey and Mikal provide further energized action. Crissy Martin, former Kapaa High School soccer standout and coach, showed promise in her debuted single and doubles events.

    Oahu had Bill Carrington, Travis Hoover, and Mike Kincaid. Maui was represented by Rocky Johnson. The Big Island brought Bill Kish, Mac McInnis, and Byron Moku. Other Kauai players were Robert Elliott, Mario Gonzalez, Troy Hayden, Clay Hiramoto, Bogart Kealoha, Armand Mora, Mike Olson, Milo Spindt, and Doug Yoneji.

    Brian Davis of Wailua and Joe Cox of Seattle, WA helped with the tournament matches and scheduling. Carlynn Ledward of Wailua provided the chili, salads, cold cuts, and desserts. Pono Market donated a large platter of maki sushi which made the Japanese players feel at home. Ron Morin of Senter Petroleum contributed some gasoline gift certificates. Anheuser Busch helped with some adult beverages. Other sponsors like Dr. Dan Fulmer, Nancy Erselius, Ed Barberini family, Bernie Dulberg family, GTS, Ltd. and some others assisted in defraying some expenses. Clay Hiramoto produced a PowerPoint CD of Donn “Curly” Carswell’s twenty-five years of Kauai handball from 1986 to 2011 as a souvenir for the players. Wayne Black of San Francisco was the head chef on Dell Mora’s “mother of all grilles” with his famous seasoned chicken, sausages, and beef steaks. Koko Kanealii, Darryl Gonzales, and Garret Santos of Kanak Attack added spice to the contemporary and traditional Hawaiian songs. The twin hula dancing sisters further awed the local and out-of-town folks.

    2011 HANA HOU HANDBALL MAKAHIKI RESULTS: (K) denotes Kauai player
    Left to right---C. Hiramoto, A. Mora, J. Travens, D. Kitahara, K. Watanabe, Y. Sakurai, Y. Uchida, T. Nagasawa, Y. Grant, M, Uchida, M. Yasuda, K. Kondo, S. Nobeta.
    Joe Cox serving to Jerry Travens in Singles 60's finals match

    2011 Simple Green U.S. Open of Handball - Big Ball

    by Matt DeWeese

    3-Wall Big Ball invaded the 2011 Simple Green U.S. Open of Handball this year with huge crowds that were awed by the stellar play resulting in this tournament, which is a perennial favorite on the handball calendar, just getting bigger and better. Hosted as always by Los Caballeros Sports Village in Fountain Valley, CA, and sponsored by Bruce FaBrizio, Simple Green and Naty Alvarado, 32 Pro Doubles teams were invited to compete in 3-Wall Big Ball alongside the 4-Wall indoor players. Matches were played on 3 outdoor courts including the first “free standing” 3 wall court designed by Jeff Healam from Tucson Rolling Shutters and constructed by Fred Stanfield of Las Vegas with his crew, framer Gabriel Garcia and painter Miguel Caro. Saturday and Sunday crowds viewing the exhibition court matches swelled to over 300 and instantly became standing room only.

    In the upper half of the brackets, Gilberto Rosales AKA “Boxer” and Raul Calvillo, fresh off their win in Las Vegas were seeded # 1 with Juan Santos and Miguel Hernandez seeded #4. However Edgar Arabjo and Andre Diaz took out the #4 seed in the round of sixteen and then made it all the way to the semis where they found themselves up against Boxer and Calvillo. Game 1 started out sluggish for Arabjo/Diaz who had to adjust to Boxer’s dominating kills and Calvillo’s consistent play. With Boxer putting everything down, the #1 seeds took the first game 21-6. Diaz picked up the pace in Game 2 but Rosales/Calvillo were just too much and they took Game 2, 21-12.

    In the bottom half, Ricky Ruiz and Samzon Hernandez were seeded # 2 coming off their impressive win in the Pacific Coast Indoor Championships (4-Wall Big Ball) and Braulio AKA “Shorty” Ruiz and Yuber AKA “Pee Wee” Castro out of New York were the #3 seed. Both teams advanced to the semis with relative ease although Shorty and Pee Wee did go tiebreaker with Sal Duenas and his partner Carlos Lopez. In a matchup that pitted brother against brother, the action was intense with constant diving and acrobatic moves but Ricky and Samzon proved why they have been dominating Big Ball prevailing 21-19, 21-18.

    The final match showed that the seeding was correct with #1 facing #2 and both teams looking unbeatable. Ricky/Samzon had won 14 of their last 15 tournaments and the crowd of over 300 made them the betting favorite in this much anticipated war. However the consistent play of Ricky/Samson proved too much and they pulled away midway thru the 1st game and never looked back. It felt like at one point that Ricky had flattened about 15 shots in a row. Instead of feeling pressure, the winners applied pressure and won the match going away. The third place game played prior to the finals was won by Shorty and Pee Wee. It looks like Big Ball is here to stay!

    Simple Green U.S Open SoCal Champions

    Complete Results

    LAFD Three Wall

    Venice Beach,

    Twelveth Annual LAFD 3-Wall Tournament was held at Venice Beach on September 10th, 2011. Nineteen teams started in 4 groups, playing a round robin format. Once top teams were established, a single elimination bracket format was used to determine champions. Participants in this tournament were LAFD firefighters and Southern California Handball Association Players by invitation only. Jim Vandenbos, Tom Gilbert and Fire Chief Brian Cummings were present. Winners received embroidered duffel bags by Adidas

    Roy Harvey

    "O" Div. Freddie Reyes & Colin Smith def. Juan Marez & Eddie Marez

    "A" Div. Steve Carbajal & Dave Ramsey def. Chris Yokoyama & Ryan Carlos

    "B" Div. Charlie Magdaleno & Jimmy Ramirez def. Christian Luna & Johnathan Stevens

    Photo #4 "C" Div. Joe Soto & Ruben Lopez def. Ethan Fields & Chris Tavera

    Pacific Coast Championships

    Fountain Valley, CA. – Los Caballeros Sports Village was the site for the 2nd Annual Pacific Coast Indoor Championships with over 100 players competing over the July 29-30 weekend. This year with a new twist – Big Ball was added to the mix. This tournament is quickly becoming the can’t miss event of the summer because of the value offered as well as the top notch competition. For a mere $25.00 – each player is guaranteed two matches, a commemorative shirt and two solid days of BBQ. You just can’t beat it! The finals had some great matches and the results are as follows:

    Open – The match made in Norco, Carlos Chavez and Ismael Meneses nipped the always strong team of John Robles and Chris Watkins

    A – Team Borracho of Jerry Fregoso and Abel Carrillo took down Larry Borunda and Lefty Tony in a close tiebreaker. Gold=Luis Jimenez/Tom Byer

    B – Toothy Dan Fredrickson and 205 Fernando Garcia clubbed David Diaz and Sergio Guzman like baby seals. Gold=Christian Luna/Brittyn Bidegain

    Masters – Coming off a win @ the LA Athletic Club Spring Fling, Paul Rodelo and Luis Guytan took down tough Marcus Hough and Manny Resendez.

    Golden Masters – Mike Bock took Steve Pool to the Promised Land with a win over defending champs Larry Fisher and Matt DeWeese. Gold=Ken Eng/Gary Eisenbooth

    Big Ball – Don’t bet against Ricky Ruiz who with partner Samzon came out of the loser’s bracket to beat Sal Duenas and Rudy 4 games in a row to capture the crown.

    Premier Doubles – Joe Field and Julio Alvarez edged Damien and Ivan Chapa. Gold=Parrish Clark/

    Premier Singles – Frank Montes came out on top of Damien Chapa. Gold=Pete Trejo

    Chavez, VandenBos, Meneses

    Carrillo, Fregoso

    Fredrickson, Garcia

    Rodelo, VandenBos, Gaytan

    Fisher, Bock, Pool, DeWeese


    Fields and Alvarez

    Hernandez, Ruiz, Zamora.Duenas and Partner

    The 8th Jr Vasquez Southern California 3 Wall State Championships

    -July 9,10, 2011 at Washington Irving MS in Glassell Park.

    The final featured Ricky Ruiz and brother Braulio Ruiz vs. the current Collegiate champions Victor Perez and Nikolai Nahorniak. The Ruiz Brothers offensive game was firring on all pistons, to let Victor and Nikolia get anything going. The brothers collected $500 each for their effort. In the semis the Ruiz Brothers had to defeat Vince Munoz and Carlos Chavez in a tie breaker. On the other side Nikolai and Victor had an easier time defeating Marcos Chavez and Samzon Hernandez.

    50 kids participated in this years tournament. Each Junior participant received a free pair of gloves ( provided by Owen Gloves), Tournament shirt, USHA Headbands, a handball teaching manual and Big Ball Handball ( provided by USHA).

    Tom Serrato from FarWest meats provided the barbeque food on saturday including cooking it himself all day (with lots of help from his best friend Jack ).

    A Taco Truck (Volunteered by Dan Cassidy) provied food for the Sunday players and their families.

    My wife Rosie Martinez and Mark's wife deserve a special thanks for their hard work. After shopping most of the day thurs. and cooking salads all day fri. she helped all day sat. and sun. serving, cutting fruit, making garorade, loading and unloading, and putting up with me. After working an 8 hour day Mark's wife Tammy, spent the rest of the evening cooking 30 pounds of potato salad. She also worked the weekend side by side with Rosa. We would'nt know what to do without them. Please thank them before thanking us.

    by Tom Martinez

    $2,600 dollars in prize money for all divisions would not be possible without the generosity of donations from the following persons.

    The 61st USHA Four Wall Nationals Wraps Up

    All photos courtesy of the United States Handball Association

    SoCal was in the spotlight beginning with the Hall of Fame induction of Steve August. Congratulations to Steve who is pictured below surrounded by his family and friends and below that with Carl Porter, Bob Hickman and LeaAnn Martin.

    Later in the evening James Coronado was awarded the USHA Coach of the Year, then he teamed up with Juan Uribe (left) to capture the A Doubles Championship

    On Saturday, David Chapman captured his 9th title by defeating Sean Lenning in two games.

    Armando Ortiz (second from the right) with partner Sean Lenning won the Open Doubles over David Chapman and Emmett Peixoto

    Paul Cajiao, pictured on the left (LAFD) came in second in the 50B Singles.

    Mark Zamora came home with another National Title winning with the 50 Doubles with partner Dave Streibig

    Luis Mendez (center) won the 11 and under singles.

    German Botello (second from right) came in second in the 13 and under singles

    Marc Penick won the 55 Singles and came in second with Tom Martinez in the 55 Doubles

    John Paulette came in second in the 85 Singles (pictures soon) Complete Results

    A big thank you to the Minnesota Handball Assocation for hosting the event. The SCHA supported the tournament with a $500 sponsorship. We are looking forward to hosting in 2012 at Los Cab!

    Rick Herrera and Mark Zamora...HOF 2011

    Rick Herrera – Contributor

    Rick began playing handball in the 1960’s and continues to compete today. Creating handball clubs, ladders and teaching handball (27 years @ Hale Middle School) to young people has been Rick’s passion over the last 30+ years. Rick has been active in the SCHA over 25 years, serving as youth board director, administrator of SCHA Valley League, and running numerous singles and doubles tournaments at The Spectrum in Canoga Park. Rick was instrumental in beginning the 3Wall Jr. State Tournament @ Venice Beach which later became the 3Wall Junior Nationals. Although inducted as a contributor, Rich has averaged 6-8 tournaments as a player over the last 30 years. Wearing his signature suspenders, Rick has won many B & C tournaments over his career and recently placed 2nd in 65 Doubles in Las Vegas. Rick, the SCHA is proud to have you as a member of our Hall Of Fame.

    Mark Zamora – Player

    The SCHA asked Mark for his handball tournament wins – he said let’s just use National titles (most handball players would like to have any title) and his list is more than impressive. Next time you see Mark play, enjoy his game, you’ll be watching a Southern California legend.

    Not only does Mark have exceptional skills as a player, he spends numerous hours mentoring and tutoring young players on indoor, 3Wall, and big ball courts. Wherever you see him around a handball court, he is ‘bigger’ than life. Thank you Mark for contributing to the Southern California scene.

    Semper Fi


    LAFD Spring Doubles Results

    "A Masters" - Maga & Smith lost to Black & Nielsen

    "B Masters" - Espinoza & Castro (ends) defeated Caijao & Chacon

    "A " - Vilaubi & Ventura lost to Paone & Marezn

    "B" - Matillo & Stevens defeated Malinofski & Joo

    "C" - Bentz & Moore defeated Meza & Insley

    "D" - Ortiz & Zermeno defeated Magalona & Tomlin

    "E"-Price & Roupoli defeated Jimenez & Shade

    LAAC Spring Open Results