SCHA Handball League

2014 Winter League

La Fit Norco and La Fit Alhambra jumped out to 3-0 victories on week 1. League runs every other Saturday at Los Cab for 6 weeks.

Standings and Rosters

2013 Winter League

SCHA league ended Saturday, but wasn't decided until one the last two matches of the morning were finished. LAFD was involved in both matches and needed to win one to be the outright winner of league. Roy Harvey and Chris Yokoyama squeaked out a tiebreaker win over Eli Barajas and Christian Luna of the LAAC to give them two out of three wins. Had any of the 6 teams gone three and zero in the Finals they could have won it all, but three teams tied at 2 and 1, giving LAFD the title due to the best season record.

(Tom) Martinez Handball Club took second in the regular season but came in at 1-2 in the Finals.

Los Cab #1, captained by Matt DeWeese took the overall second by coming in 3rd during the season and tied for first in the playoffs, as Mark Shelgren and Greg Sizemore won the last match of the day over LAFD.

After all the matches were over we had a great BBQ. Thanks to Jim Carson and Frank Pirkel for volunteering to BBQ and to Tom Serrato of FarWest Meats for providing the delicious chicken and dogs.

Thanks to Tom Gilbert and Gary Cruz for their help and to Victor Aguila for helping with the clean-up.

The winning team received a plaque and shirts for their efforts. Congratulations to Capt. Roy, Chris, Mario Rueda, Joe Castro. Jared Cooper, Ryan Chance, Chris Hart,Joe Steiner, Sergio Guzman, Ryan Klemme. and Ryan Carlos of the LAFD. Pictures forthcoming.

Let's do it again in five years!

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher
League Commissioner

2009/2010 Fall/Winter League Completes Regular Season

Rick Herrera...
League Director

The Los Angeles Athletic Club take 2009 Winter League Final

The morning started on a great note with all of the enthusiastic players chomping at the big.

Play started with the singles match of Jerry Puga from La Fitness-Alhambra playing Carlos Chavez from LAAC. Carlos, a long time veteran, gave 10 points in the handicapped match. Play was very spirited with points going back and forth until the strong serves and consistent play of Chavez proved to be too much. Puga made some kills and pass shots but the strong play and deadly kills gave Chavez both games. The scores were 21-19 and 21-14.

In the second doubles match Alhambra chose Jimmy Ramirez and Tom Martinez to carry their banner. LAAC picked Manny Resendez and Jose (Guchi) Munoz to be their team. The match was played "even up" and turned out to be the match of the day going tie-breaker.

Manny played well up front, as usual, and had some roll-out serves as well. Guchi was his old self with fly kills, pass shots and ceiling shots throughout the match. All of the players used the 'defensive ceiling shots effectively.

Long time veteran, Tom Martinez, showed why he is a national champion by his array of shots and his ability to pick up tough shots. Jimmy demonstrated excellent effort especially with a 'behind the back' miraculous retrieve.

The win went to Martinez and Ramirez with scores of 13-21, 21-9 and 11-10.

The first doubles proved to be the decider and was played with even points. It was Marcos Chavez and Mike Palacios from LAAC versus Eddie Chapa and Abel Carrillo from LaFitness-Alhambra.

Game one was all Chavez and Palacios controlling the entire game and winning 21-5. Chavez refused to let any ball past him and when he did Palacios kept the ball in play.

In game two the action intensified with Chapa and Carrillo improved play but they lost by a respectable of 21-15.

Submitted by SCHA League Director Rick Herrera.

San Diego Captures 2008 SCHA Winter League Title

Captain Ken Eng claimed a case of handball on behalf of his team. The SCHA hopes to hold both a Fall, 2007 and a Winter, 2008 league again next season.

Final Standings

Los Cab #1 Captures 2009 Spring League Title

Miles Paine and Marcus Hough

Jim Vandenbos and Tom Gilbert

Upwards to 60 players players participated in this one day round robin format. Teams from La Mirada, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Glendale, Lake Forest and the Inland Empire matched up to determine the Spring League Champion.

Coming in first was Los Cab number 1, captained by Jim Vandenbos, with 9 points scored. San Diego #1 came in second. Results below:

The winners of the 2003 SCHA traveling league:

  • Open-LAFD 1st place, LA Fitness-Escondido 2nd place.
  • B/Golden North-Glendale YMCA#1 1st place, Glendale YMCA#2 2nd place
  • B/Golden South-LA Fitness La Mirada 1st place, LA Fitness Long Beach 2nd place.

    The winner of the SCHA Club Challenge was:

  • Spectrum Club-Canoga Park

    Standings October 31.

    League information

    A Schedule

    B North Schedule

    B South Schedule

    League 2002 Rules


    Players may not exceed ranking for Divsion and level of play and be a paid SCHA member.

    Fall League 2002

    LA City Fire Department Dominates League finals!

    LAFD, captained by Rex Vilaubi, did not lose a game at the finals held at Los Caballeros. A mixed bag team put together to replace LA Fitness-Diamond Bar came in second with 4 wins, LA Fitness-Alhambra was third with 3 wins and Spectrum-Canoga Park had two wins.

    In total 60 players competed in the one day event and gathered for hospitality and football in the parkside room.

    North Schedule

    South Schedule

    FINAL Standings

    Membership as of February 1, 2002

    Spring League 2001

    La Fitness-Alhambra, Glendale YMCA and Tournament House Tops in the Spring


    Masters In their first season Tom Martinez's team, playing out of LaFitness-Alhambra, were able to stay healthy and avoid the pitfalls the other teams experienced fielding enough players.

    B/Golden Masters The Glendale YMCA dominated the division winning by more than 5 games.


    Masters/B-Golden Masters A different team structured was created to accommodate the changing needs of the handball community. The Masters and Golden Masters were combined. Tournament House and South Coast played neck and neck but the difference turned out to be the first meeting between the two clubs when Tournament House took South Coast 3-1. On the final night of league Tournament House travelled to Los Cab needing 1 victory. Los Cab took the two singles and forced a tie-breaker in the doubles but Tournament House got two victories and the title.



    Club information

    League Captains



    B/Golden Masters


    Master/B-Golden Masters

    2000 Final Standings

    2000 Final Singles ratings

    Phil Capriccio, George DeVries, Frank Pecora, Randy Budihas, Mike Baggatta, Don Eyman.

    Joe Medrano, Paul Rieger, Rick Zuber, Tim Hardy, Tom Smock.

    Fall 00

    Final Playoffs

    (South Coast wins 3-0)
    Singles: Don Eyman (South Coast) def Rick Zuber (La Caņada YMCA)
    1st Doubles: Phil Cappriccio/George DeVries (South Coast) def Tim Hardy/Paul Rieger (La Caņada YMCA
    2nd Doubles: Frank Pecora/Randy Budihas (South Coast) def Tom Smock/Joe Medrano (La Caņada YMCA)

    Winter 00

    Final Playoffs

    (LAF-La Mirada wins 2-1)
    Singles: LAF-La Mirada Marcos Chavez > Los Caballeros Miles Paine 12, 20
    1st Doubles: LAF-La Mirada Vince Muņoz/Carlos Chavez > Los Caballeros John Bike/Bob Mathews 18, 9.
    2nd Doubles: Los Caballeros Randy Budihas/Carlos Rodriquez > LAF-La Mirada Art Chavez/Paul Rodelo 14, 19.

    B/Golden Masters
    (Tournament House wins 3-0)
    Singles: Tournament House Joe McNeil > Los Caballeros Juan Flores 12, 15.
    1st Doubles: Tournament House Dan Carrillo/Tim Ryan > Los Caballeros Joe Montanari/Tom Brienza 6, 7.
    2nd Doubles: Tournament House Steve Lurvey/Pete Davis > Los Caballeros Larry Walker/Ken Burch (6), 7, 7.

    B/Super Golden Masters
    (Tournament House wins 2-1)
    Singles: Tournament House Bill Doles > LAF-Long Beach Richard Rodriquez 6, 11.
    1st Doubles: Tournament House Joe Rubio/Ed Bowden > LAF-Long Beach Lew Morales/Bruce Lemmon 15, (7), 7.
    2nd Doubles: LAF-Long Beach Curtis Knight/Ron Tolkstorf > Tournament House Dan Nusser/Rich Oliveras 19, 17.

    Winter 98

    Final Playoffs

    LAF-La Mirada 1st Place, Los Caballeros, 2nd Place

    B/Golden Masters
    LAF-La Mirada > LAF-Long Beach (4-0)

    Winter 97

    Final Playoffs

    Semis: LAF-Long Beach > L.A. Fire Dept. (2-2) and LAF-La Mirada > Spectrum Club-Canoga Park #1 (3-1)
    Final: LAF-La Mirada > LAF-Long Beach (3-1)

    B/Golden Masters
    Semis: LAF-Long Beach > LAF-Anaheim (3-1) and LAF-La Mirada > Tournament House (3-1)
    Final: LAF-La Mirada > LAF-Long Beach (3-1)

    Winter 96

    Final Playoffs

    1st Singles: University Kelly Russell > Sequoia Mark Baker 7, 5
    2nd Singles: University Skip McDowell > Sequoia Ruben Ramirez 6, 14
    1st Doubles: University Naty Alvarado/Mark Shelgren > Sequoia Andy Scarpellino/Anthony Natale 13, (11), 2
    2nd Doubles: University Bruce Hanief/Jim Barnett > Sequoia Steve Housman/Young Do 2, 7

    B/Golden Masters
    1st Singles: Long Beach Garrett Lew > La Mirada Sal Soto (15), 13, 9
    2nd Singles: Long Beach Pete Xenios > La Mirada Frank Sandoval 7, 11
    1st Doubles: Long Beach Kevin Merrill/Gerardo Garcia > La Mirada Art Mendoza/Ernie Perez 7, (14), 10
    2nd Doubles: Long Beach Jay Bartley/Alan Swickard > La Mirada Jimmy Telles/Ron Allen 5, 6

    Naty Alvarado/Mark Shelgren
    Andy Scarpellino/Anthony Natale

    Bruce Hanief/Jim Barnett
    Steve Housman/Young Do

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